The Debt Rescue Plan

With our help, we could rapidly assist to:

  • Reduce your payable debts
  • Repay debts in 3-4 years with minimum payments
  • Stop collections efforts
  • Reduce your monthly expenses

Take control of your finances now by simply following these 4 easy steps...

Complete 60 second counselling request form

It’s free and super quick to apply.
Simply provide us with a few very basic details about your debt.


Connect with a trained credit counsellor to verify your registered debts and review your monthly budget to identify your best solution.

There is no cost and you have no obligation to follow a credit counsellors’ recommendations.


Counsellors can offer a Debt Management Plan where appropriate or affordable

Interest and charges on all your monthly bills will be reduced or removed and you’ll only need to make one affordable monthly repayment that covers all your bills . Letters & phone calls from creditors & collections will be stopped.


Enjoy a happier, stress-free life

Become Debt-Free with DebtCheck!

Your monthly payments will pay down your debt balance instead of paying interest

Enjoy having predictable, budgeted money in your account each month

Enjoy the feeling and freedom of becoming absolutely debt-free

No more panicking about unpaid bills

No more borrowing money from family & friends

Benefits of Debt Management

Pay only what you can afford, with one single monthly payment.


Immediate relief


Reduced monthly debt repayment


All living expenses budgeted


Protection against legal action

Why DebtCheck?

Change your life, experience freedom from debt!

  • regulated rates
  • operated by trained professional credit counsellors
  • extremely easy process
  • outstanding success rate
  • confidentiality guaranteed
  • rated 4 stars by our customers

What type of debts can be written-off


Credit Cards

Store Cards

Store/Retail Cards

Personal Lines of Credit (LOC’s)

Personal Lines of Credit (LOC’s)

Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit

Old Utility Bills not in Use

Old Utility Bills not in Use

How it works...

If you’re struggling with unaffordable debt you could be eligible for reduction or removal of all interest due to your financial hardship. Under Government legislation, Canadian residents have a right to debt relief and there are a range of standardized debt solutions that we can offer to help, not only to remove interest, but also to reduce pressure from creditors and reduce or reverse late-payment fees or penalties .

By using any one of our debt relief solutions, you could very quickly restore order to your financial problems and legally reduce the debt you repay.

Almost ALL types of your unsecured debt can be added and managed under this application.

Benefits of a debt solution

  • REAL help to get rid of your debt, fast
  • Feel FREE from worry and stress
  • Freeze your current monthly debt payments
  • Enjoy EXTRA money in your account each month
  • No need to borrow money from friends & family anymore
  • No more interest or penalty charges on your debt

Here’s an example of how we can help.

Example of unsecured debts.

Credit Card $2,395

Personal Loan $10,122

Overdraft $502

Store Card $648

Loan $472

Old/Disconnected Mobile Phone $457

Total amount owed: $14,596

Customer repayment before and after enrolling in a Debt Management Plan

  • Before a DMP

  • After a DMP

Monthly payments are based on individual financial circumstances

Our happy debt-free customers

say it best

Rachael P.

My debt was honestly becoming too overwhelming to handle and my health started suffering as a result. Your service was so fast and efficient and your agents manged to remove about 75% of my debt. Thank you so much.

Faisal M.

Very good, I will highly recommend you. My life is so very different now with my debt lower.

Barry T.

Thank you DebtCheck – you really helped me when I was struggling to make ends meet and had no other option to get on track. All happened so quickly – your team were amazing. My life is so different now thanks to you all…

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Our services are completely free of charge. All advice and support given to you by our debt advisors will also be at no cost whatsoever. Fees are only ever charged should you agree to proceed with a debt solution.
  • What kinds of debts can you help with?

    A debt management plan consolidates most types of unsecured debt, including:

    1. Credit cards
    2. Store credit cards and in-store credit lines
    3. Unsecured personal loans
    4. Personal lines of credit (LOCs)
    5. Debt collection accounts
    6. Short-term installment loans
    7. Old utility or cell phone bills, not currently in use

    You cannot include secured debts, such as a mortgage or car loan. You also may not include student loans and debts owed to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

  • How long will it take?

    Our debt advisors will aim to call you within minutes after you submit your enquiry on our website (during the hours of 9am to 8pm Mon-Fri, and 10am-2pm Sat). During their call to you, they’ll discuss your current debt situation and will assess the best option for you. They will respect your privacy and will support whatever debt option or decision you would like to proceed with. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed.
  • Is this service suitable for me?

    There are various debt solutions options available, each with different requirements and conditions. Our credit counsellors will explain in detail which option they feel would best suit your situation and provide you with the easiest, fastest, or least expensive outcome. All advice is free of charge, and you are under absolutely no obligation to proceed.
  • Will entering an DMP affect my job?

    Depending on your profession, entering into a formal debt arrangement won’t affect your employment, however, if you are employed in a certain financial or legal based profession such as a Lawyer or Accountant then this could mean that you may not be able to practice, or may only be able to practice under certain conditions.
  • Will these debt management solutions affect my credit rating?

    Yes, these types of debt management arrangements will be visible on your credit profile upon enrolment and will be removed three years after repayment has been completed. You are free to complete repayment early at any time with no additional fees or penalties and can maintain credit activity with a secured credit card for the duration of the program.
  • Can creditors still contact me when I’m in a debt management solution?

    Once you enter a debt management arrangement, you are protected and creditors can no longer take any action against you, or even contact you.
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